My Interests

I’m a true Londoner and enjoy many of the wide and varied activities that London affords. I also travel for much of the year and am always keen to explore new cities.

London’s Concierge

I absolutely adore arranging the perfect London experiences for dates (Amex concierge has nothing on me!), so if you are new to the city, or just visiting, let me be your perfect tour guide. I’ll take you to places you won’t find in the books, or on the lists. Let’s get lost in the city together.

Performing Arts

I try to go to the theatre at least once a month and endeavour to see a mix of the classic and contemporary. Favourite haunts include the National Theatre, Royal Court and Young Vic.

I am somewhat of a film buff and can often be found in the darkness of one of London’s many arthouse cinemas or at an international film festival. I particularly enjoy screwball comedies from the 1930s and classic Noirs. My favourite film may well be Night of the Hunter. Why not join me in the dark? Also, you can add to my film collection using my wishlist.

Museums and Visual Arts

I love exploring the many art galleries and museums of London and have membership to most of them, which often means we can enjoy some time in a beautiful private members only bar.  I’d be happy to include some time here as part of our date. Exhibitions I am looking forward to visiting include: Chanel at the V&A and Lucian Freud at the National Gallery.


I’m a true foodie and one of my favourite pastimes is visiting one of London’s many mouthwatering restaurants. I love beautiful classic dining rooms such as Rules and Hawksmoor Air Street, but am also at home in one of London’s lesser known, but equally wonderful establishments.Whether it’s 3 star Michelin or that cramped, authentic out of the way place you crave, I can recommend a place to suit. Anthony Bourdain is definitely a huge influence on me.  If you are visiting, I’d be happy to suggest a restaurant that suits your taste.  It’s more fun to find the restaurants before they get their first star or have huge queues. I prefer to make trends rather than to follow them.

Lingerie and Fashion

I have an extensive collective of lingerie, both new and vintage. Due to my being unusually and naturally well endowed I have become somewhat obsessed by collecting beautiful lingerie in my size. Corsets, waspies, suspenders, bodysuits, bras, bralettes, knickers, thongs galore! My favourite brands include Scantilly, Harlow and Fox, Edge O’Beyond, Studio Pia, Katherine Hamilton and Buttress and Snatch. If you would like to treat me, my size is 30GG or 30H, Large (UK 14/US10) for knickers, Medium (UK 12/US 8) for suspenders, Large (or 4/5) for hosiery and 22in for corsets.

I also adore beautifully made clothing and have a large collection of Vivienne Westwood and vintage clothing. Top of my wishlist right now is a made-to-measure suit from G&G, Savile Row’s first ever women only tailors.

Current Affairs

My academic background is in Social Science and you’ll be likely to find me reading Private Eye, political memoirs or a history book rather than fiction. Gifts of reading material are very much appreciated. I am also a supporter of many charities and spend a lot of my free time doing voluntary work.

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